CARSON's coatings


  1. Apply the CC Base Primer (roll or spray on).
  2. Apply an even coat of Acrylic Finish NO THICKER than the largest aggregate to the substrate.
  3. Immediately following the applicator, use a plastic float or stainless steel trowel in a consistent motion to obtain the desired finish.Cleanup with water after use.

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Finish application

Carson's Acrylic Finishes are manufactured as a pure acrylic emulsion bonder, with high grade aggregates. A special proprietary additive produces an outstanding finish. Our acrylic finishes are designed for interior and exterior finish coating with a freestyle texture over a number of substrates. CC finishes can be applied by hand or sprayed on with a "hopper." Finishes are white in color and can be colored using Carson's tinting system, offering a standard palette of 30 colors.

Acrylics are shipped in five (5) gallon units.


Our Finish products should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and other possible hazards. Store between 40F and 100F.
Use: Acrylic Finishes can be applied to brown-coat, stucco, one coat, masonry, and poured-in-place / tilt-up concrete.

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Surface prep

Take care that all surfaces are free of loose debris, dirt, oil, efflorescence, curing agents, cleaning solutions, or any other foreign matter.

Ensure that all surfaces are smooth and free of any irregularities. Pressure washing, mechanical sanding, scrapping, chipping, or sand blasting may accomplish smoothing and cleaning of the surface.

Glossy or smooth surfaces must be roughened to ensure a proper bond.

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