environmentally conscious. natural materials.

the finish.

Practically any finish from any architectural era can be faithfully reproduced by our artisan finishers. Whether your vision is ancient chiseled rock, traditional wood grain, or modern concrete, we can do it!



The smallest things can have the biggest effect. The simple addition of a colored window sill or a set of faux shutters can set your home apart at a glance. Add a timeless elegance with half-columns, or the excitement of a Venetian courtyard.

CARSON's coatings

exterior appointments

Because our products are based around an EPS foam composite and our patented coatings, they are incredibly resilient against common weathering, meaning your home will retain its best look for decades.

We can help you through the process of choosing the shape(s), size, texture, and color. We can work with your contractor, or refer you to someone who's already familiar with applying our products.

The sooner you call us at (209) 745-2387, the sooner you can be amazed at how economic it can be to appoint your home's exterior with beautiful and environmentally conscious materials.