replenish your inner

While the exterior is just wrapping, we all know what really counts is on the inside. Your home is your sanctum - your safest space, and it should be a place to rejuvenate and reconnect at the end of your day.

Beautiful interior appointments can bring out the best in you AND those you choose to surround yourself with.

We at Carson's Coatings believe in simplicity and elegance. We'd love to show you how the lightest touch can make a remarkable difference in how you feel in your home. The simple addition of a shaped line around your ceiling or a framing of a doorway can do so much for your state of mind.

CARSON's coatings

environmentally conscious. natural materials.

featured interior

The owners of this local eatery came to us to recreate a specific era of East-Coast Italian restaurants featuring street facades. We took great pride in recreating these individual elements, from custom window shapes to mantles and balconies.